Shire Homes (Private Sector Leasing Scheme)

Our Private Sector Leasing Scheme, Shire Homes, offers homeowners a hassle-free way to rent out their property.

Benefits include:

  • Guaranteed Rental Payments
  • No Management Fees
  • Day-to-Day Maintenance
  • Regular Property Visits
  • Full Management Service

The introduction of this scheme will allow us to provide secure, affordable and good quality housing to people looking for a new home.

At Shire Homes, there are no hidden extras.

We are looking for good quality properties, in a lettable condition, in South Cambridgeshire.  Whatever size property you have, from a bedsit to a four-bedroom house, we are interested in hearing from you.

For more information, please contact Louise Moulding – Private Sector Leasing Officer or email:

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